The Good Doctor
Working with ABC, Mammoth created the social and display campaign for the season's #1 new drama, The Good Doctor.
Mammoth and FX collaborated on the social creative campaign for the highly anticipated,
10 part series, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”.
For the combined release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine, Mammoth worked with Fox Home Entertainment on a series of social GIFs, a video slider and a custom 360° video.
For season 7 of FX’s tremendously popular show, American Horror Story, Mammoth is spearheading the social strategy and creative campaign.
I'm Sorry
Mammoth spearheaded the robust display campaign for truTV’s hit new series, I’m Sorry. Rave reviews and critical acclaim helped to bring on a second phase campaign.
For ABC's hit lineup of Shonda Rhimes'
shows, Mammoth connected and created
a wide array of social graphics and display
ads for the return of TGIT.
Music Awards
For the second year, Mammoth and ABC partnered on the eye-catching digital media campaign for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.
San Andreas
Mammoth developed a social campaign that rocked the richter scale for Warner Brothers’ summer blockbuster, ‘San Andreas’.
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